Gerardo Balestrieri is a singer – songwriter
interpreter and a multi-instrumentalist.
Tout court artist, he published eight albums.
The most recent one is" CANZONI DEL MARE SALATO"
A concept album dedicated to Corto Maltese

He was invited at many editions
of the Italian songwriting contest Premio Tenco
where he reached the finals several times
and was awarded with album of the year second prize in 2007, 2009, 2013.
On the podium also in 2016 with Canzoni Nascoste
third best album of the year and in 2017 with Covers.
He held concerts all over Europe
and made a long live tour in California.
His artistic cooperations include great names,
such as iranian songwriter Mosheen Namjoo,
Arturo Brachetti and Daniele Sepe.
With his veiled and mature lyrics and his deep voice,
Gerardo Balestrieri is a complete songwriter.
His style is a stunning mix of jazz,
swing, contagious rhythms, gypsy echoes, greek style,
french atmosphere, twitst and south America.
He sings in different languages: italian, french, english,
greek, spanish and napolitain.
His lyrics use poetry, bizarre sarcasm and irony.
He presents his discography and tributes to international song:
Paolo Conte, Serge Gainsbourg, Tom Waits, Boris Vian,
Fabrizio De Andrè, Ray Charles, Renato Carosone,
Louis Armstrong, the greek and napolitain song and tango. 
Gerardo Balestrieri loves joking with words
withouth forget rhythm and dance.